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  • To improve the capacity of communities to defend their rights following community trainings, and availability of further training materials in the Community Guide series; using the Community Guide to Defending Land and Housing Rights. Three ToT trainings and 20 community trainings targeting 500 participants; and
  • Monthly HRTF members’ meetings and coordination among HRTF member organizations to allow for targeted responses to developments;
  • HRTF members are trained to utilize standardized eviction monitoring and international law relevant to housing rights; and a training manual on international law: targeted at NGOs.
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Monthly meeting

1. Monthly Community Coordination Meeting on July 30, 2014

HRTF, in collaboration its partners and members organized the Monthly Community Coordination Meeting on July 30th 2014. One Hundred and fifty people joined coming from 35 urban poor groups of Phnom Penh.

The meeting was focused about the update on land issues from the Communities; the next activities of each group and the current political situation in Cambodia. Mr. Yeng Vireak, CLEC' director was a main speaker on the current political issues and Mr. Neup Ly, HRTF' s senior community empowerment officer facilitated the meeting.

2. Monthly Meeting

Community coordination is a central activity of the HRTF Secretariat. Monthly community coordination meetings, facilitated by the HRFT Secretariat, allow for sharing of information and experiences and ensure ownership of advocacy work undertaken by communities and supporting NGOs. In the 2008 to 2009 project period, communities under threat of eviction took ownership of this forum and are helping each other approach Government officials or plan for joint action across communities. The increased sharing of experiences, improved networking amongst communities and collective action are outcomes that can lead to change. Community coordination meetings thus serve to equip communities to assert their rights in the face of eviction threats. In 2011-2013, 74 community coordination meetings will be organized per month targeting a total of 150 community members 74 people per meeting representing the 74 at-risk urban communities of Phnom Penh.

  • Monthly Meeting 2011
  • Monthly Meeting 2012

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  • សហគមន៍ជ្រោយចង្វារនឹងរៀបចំសន្និសីទកាសែត

    កាលបរិច្ឆេទ៖ ថ្ងៃទី៣០ ខែតុលា ឆ្នាំ២០១៦ ម៉ោង៖ ០៨ ព្រឹក
    ទីកន្លែង៖ សង្កាត់ជ្រោយចង្វារ ខណ្ឌជ្រោយចង្វារ រាជធានីភ្នំពេញ
    ទាក់ទង៖ លោក ជា សុផាត តំណាងសហគមន៍, 012859404

    Charoy Changva community host press release
    Date: 30 Oct, 2016 at 08:00AM
    Venue: Chroy Changva Commune, Chroy Changva District, PP.
    Contact: Mr. Chea Sophat, Community Representative
    Tel: 012859404

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