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Holdout famalies in Borei Keila accept compensation quietly

A group of 11 families was given a deadline of December 22 to accept compensation to leave their homes in Borei Keila or leave empty-handed, one of the community’s representatives quietly accept compensation.


“I don't want to spend much time on this case anymore. So I accepted it, $16,000 yesterday” Ngov Nary, vocal protester and representative of 11 families who were offered compensation to leave her home in Borei Keila, told Phnom Penh Post on January 24, 2018.


Another representative of the now nine families, Sar Sorn, said Nary was the only one of their group who accepted compensation yesterday. Sorn said the others would continue to protest.

Borei Keila is one of the longest-running land conflicts in the Cambodia, with development company Phanimex having agreed in 2004 to build 10 buildings in the area for residents to relocate to in exchange for the land they lived on, but building only eight. Hundreds of families were left without a permanent home when authorities violently evicted them in 2012. 


Source : https://goo.gl/GJtnar

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