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Donors and Partners

Housing Rights Task Force is grateful to these organizations for their partnership and financial support from:

MISEREOR is the German Catholic Bishops’ Organisation for Development Cooperation. For over 50 years MISEREOR has been committed to fighting poverty in Africa, Asia and Latin America. MISEREOR’s support is available to any human being in need – regardless of their religion, ethnicity or gender.

Changes cannot be prescribed from outside. MISEREOR therefore believes in supporting initiatives driven and owned by the poor and the disadvantaged. This is because in MISEREOR’s experience it is they themselves who possess the strength to improve their lives sustainably. We support them in their efforts in accordance with the principle of help toward self-help. On the ground, projects are run by local organisations. This ensures that the project work is geared to the needs and way of life of the people involved.

  Norwegian People's Aid »
Norwegian People’s Aid undertakes practical preventive and supportive work at home and abroad. The organisation’s engagement centres on two strategic areas: Just distribution of power and resources and Protection of life and health

   ForumSyd »
Forum Syd works for a just and sustainable world in which all people have the power to change their living conditions. When people learn about their rights and gain influence in society through strong organisations, and when power-holders are made aware of their obligations and honour them – this is when lasting change can be achieved. Consequently, we work with change across the globe by creating strong civil societies and changing attitudes from discriminatory social structures. This we do with our numerous partners and our dedication to democracy, equality and the sustainable use of natural resources.

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